About this self-assessment app

This page contains a range of GCE A level specifications from different boards. It outlines what you need to know and allows you to carry out a self-assessment to monitor your progress and highlight areas that you need to focus on. The app will give you an overall score for each topic, unit and overall by year (shown in the progress bars). Simply select your exam board & specification from the drop-down list and rate your confidence in each of the learning objectives using the following scale:

🤓 I totally get this topic and I am confident that I could answer any question about it.
🙂 I understand this topic and I am fairly confident that I could score well in a question on it, though there are some details that I struggle to remember.
🤔 I understand some of this topic, but I am hazy on the detail and would struggle to write an extended answer on it.
😟 I recognise this topic, but I don't really understand it. Other than a basic knowledge of some of the key words I would struggle to answer a question on it.
🤢 Default choice. We have not covered this topic yet or I have never understood it. Help!!

You do not need to complete the form in one go - the results are stored as you go so you can come back later to complete it or update your progress. Note that you will need to be registered and logged in for this to work, and reloading the page will reset the form if you are not logged in.

AS/Year 1
A2/Year 2
Overall GCE