Summary of results

Date: Thu 22 Feb 2024
User ID: 17456
Number of tries: 0
Overall mean topic score: 0.0%; Grade U
Running mean topic score: 0.0%; Grade U
GCSE synoptic quiz: 95%; Grade 9

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GradeBoundary mark (%)

Detailed breakdown

Quiz IDTopicAttemptsTop score %Grade
Quiz 1Cells and Living Organisms11009
Quiz 2Movement of Substances11009
Quiz 3A Balanced Diet11009
Quiz 4Digestion11009
Quiz 5Breathing and the Respiratory System11009
Quiz 6Energy Flows in Ecosystems11009
Quiz 7Cycles in Nature1969
Quiz 8Reproduction in Animals1969
Quiz 9Plant Reproduction1929
Quiz 10Practical Ecology1929
Quiz 11Respiration11009
Quiz 12Photosynthesis11009
Quiz 13Gas Exchange11009
Quiz 14Plant Transport11009
Quiz 15Biological Molecules11009
Quiz 16Enzymes11009
Quiz 17Inheritance1839
Quiz 18Cell Division and Growth11009
Quiz IDTopicAttemptsTop score %Grade
Quiz 19Mutation Variation and Meiosis1889
Quiz 20Cloning and Micropropagation1798
Quiz 21Genetic Engineering1889
Quiz 22Selective Breeding11009
Quiz 23Evolution and Natural Selection1969
Quiz 24Human Impact on the Environment11009
Quiz 25Blood11009
Quiz 26The Circulatory System11009
Quiz 27Responding to the Environment1929
Quiz 28The Endocrine System11009
Quiz 29Homeostasis11009
Quiz 30Excretion1969
Quiz 31Plant Responses1969
Quiz 32Classification11009
Quiz 33Water Pollution11009
Quiz 34Intensive Farming1889
Quiz 35Industrial Uses of Microorganisms1758
Quiz 36Experimental Biology1718